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Unique Returns & Support Policy

Under the Distance Selling Regulations there is no obligation to offer cancellation or return on personalised or made to measure products from instructions given by the Customer. Unfortunately this protection seems to be used as a popular 'get out' of every situation excuse for companies providing custom made goods and whilst we cannot offer blinds on approval or adopt a blanket return policy we have created a returns policy which is a little unique, designed to provide total peace of mind when placing orders.

Because the Perfect Fit Blind is a relatively new and largely unseen product we find that the vast majority of Customers are ordering without knowledge, wanting to DIY (and they are very easy to measure and fit - anyone with a tape measure can) after being shocked by the premium prices quoted by local companies offering a measure and fitting service. This creates apprehension, because very few companies are placed to manufacture the system ordering is limited to distance online and the questions of providing wrong measurement and the possibility of spending money on an item that can never be used, should things go wrong.

This is where our unique Customer service approach takes over. We operate an online email support service between the hours of 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week providing instant answers to all questions Perfect Fit, manned by people who physically measure, manufacture and fit the system on a daily basis, this free service covers every aspect of support and advice.

Virtual Survey of your Window

Preventative, free, virtual measuring service, send us a photo/mobile phone snap of the full windows/doors in question plus a close up of the handle/beading and we will be able to spot if any problems exist. We will email back to either ask to check certain aspects before we make a judgement or advise otherwise. If everything is okay we will confirm that and by doing so we are acknowledging that the blinds can be fitted if for any reason you could not fit the blinds (maybe a window type that we have never come across in our 20 years!) then responsibility for the oversight is ours and an adjustment solution, alternative or return would be arranged at our expense.

Email your photos and images here -

Incorrect Measurement Provision

Obviously this is the biggest dilemma, we cannot be held responsible for inaccurate measurment that a Customer provides and of course this cannot be covered by way of the virtual survey above. However we have devised several back up provisions that will help sort any inaccuracies that may occur, this is aided by the fact that the Perfect Fit System is essentially modular and therefore a little mishap does not necessarily mean the end of the world.

Drop/Height Over Measured

- We will provide new side channels free of charge, you just pay for the postage.

Width Over Measured

- Return the width section to us we will cut down free of charge, you just pay for the postage only.

Width/Drop Under Measured

This is the one that presents the most problem, but we have set a one off price of £26+VAT per unit for any situation where we have to adjust the unit or replace the fabric of the blind. However bear in mind that there is a natural adjusment/allowance of a centimetre or so therefore your measurements would have to be drastically out to resort to this action!

Buy To Try

We would recommend that where Customers are looking at a large number of units but do not wish to send a preview survey image they consider purchasing only the smallest window first. This allows peace of mind when the product fits and attaches confidence of the undertaking of the process for the remainder, especially when you see how easy it is and the money that can be saved simply by doing it yourself.

Email your photos and images here -

Advice is free of charge, please never hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our expertise.

FREE UK Delivery - NO Drilling - NO Screws - NO Holes - PERFECT FIT