perfect fit pleated blinds technical advice, measuring & fitting video

Perfect Fit Pleated Blind - Technical, Tips & Advice

pleated blind gatherPleated Blind shallow gather depth - out of the way when not in use
cellular on top opening windowEqupleat™ system ensures that pleats remain constant throughout - no fabric sag
cellular side channel overhangPleated Perfect Fit can be inverted - ideal where privacy
is the key demand

Measuring, Fitting Pleated Perfect Fit

If you are looking for a blind that provides functionality when required but at the same time can be drawn out of the way when not in use, then the Pleated Perfect Fit is without doubt the blind for the job. The concertina fabric effect offers an extremely small gather depth that sits tight at top or bottom of the window but when drawn, its sharp and stylish looks offer a great overall alternative to the slightly bulkier cellular option. Then of course aesthetics are even more heightened by the wealth of colour and patterns included within our range.

Not withstanding the array of fabric qualities that the pleated collection has reflecting the varying demands that are placed on its application and also the unique options that no other type of blind offers - such as 'bottom up' draw