perfect fit blind system technical specs, measuring & fitting videos

Perfect Fit Blind System

Frame Colours

white perfect fit frame golden oak perfect fit frame
Mahogany/Rosewood Frame White Frame Golden Oak Frame

Frame variations are designed to coordinate with the three mainstream upvc window frame profiles that are currently on the market. The white frame has a powder coated finish whilst the mahogany and golden oak frames are foiled with the same woodgrain laminate as used on the window frames themselves.

Customers requiring complete blackout please note that, even when blackout fabric is chosen, this is not a blackout cassette. Perfect fit offers a no hole, no drill benefit to fitting blinds and so small amounts of light seapage will occur. Complete blackout can only by achieved with cassette type blinds when there is no alternative other than to fit to the window recess. Perfect Fit is a completely different product


Measuring, Assembling & Fitting Videos

measure assemble fit venetian perfect fit measure assemble fit pleated perfect fit

Essentially the only tools that you will need are a steel tape measure, a screwdriver to assemble the blind unit, and an all important credit card to not only order your blind but also to aid in measuring the bead depth and to fit! They really are that easy to install.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO CHECK THAT YOUR WINDOW IS INTERNALLY BEADED AS SHOWN IN THE VIDEOS. The simplest way is to look at the window from the INSIDE. If there is a join in the frame around the whole window and in particular an open mitre join in the corners then your window is internally beaded. An internally beaded frame will have a continuous frame which overlaps with the glass panel. If you are in any doubt then you should contact us for advice.

perfect fit blinds beading

Frame Profile Vital Statistics

perfect fit frame profile
  • Only 10mm protrusion off the surface of the window frame with venetian & pleated blinds

  • From the edge of the beading, the glass overhang is only 12mm

  • Acceptable window frame beading dimension Min. depth 18mm
    Max. depth 30mm - Max. bead width 25mm

  • For 'inbetween' bead depth sizes frames are padded with foam for a flush, no gap, fit

  • 100% aluminium composition - lighweight and extremely sturdy